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New for hire! Caldertech mains restraining clamps 63-180mm

Polyweld has the Caldertech MAINS RESTRAINING pipe clamp available for short or long term hire. With an operating range of 63-180mm pipe OD, this clamp is used to align and secure HDPE pipe during electrofusion welding.

The shell design inserts offer full circumference contact with the pipe, making this unit particularly suitable for clamping coiled pipe. Additionally, the hinged angle-maker base enables the operator to clamp the pipe at various angles to weld elbow couplers.

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Ritmo manual heating plates

For the butt-fusion of pipe for low pressure (drainage) applications, or other specialised butt welding of HDPE and similar thermoplastics, these simple but effective manual heating plates from Italian manufacturer Ritmo are the reliable tool for the task. With accurate temperature management (available in either a fixed or variable version) and a durable teflon coating, they are professional grade tools built for longevity.

The Ritmo manual heating plates are available in four sizes, with operational capacity up to 180mm in the largest model. To discuss the suitability of these heating plates for your plastic welding application, contact Polyweld Machinery for technical advice.

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Leister textile welders receive special designation at ISPO Munich Textrends fair

Leister is proud to announce that their textile welders have been judged and selected by an independent jury of textile experts as ones of the top innovations for Fall/Winter 2018/19. Visit ISPO TEXTRENDS in hall C3 during upcoming ISPO MUNICH (5-8 February 2017) to get a first approach of our developments.

Read full article about Leister’s innovation here. Polyweld Machinery are proud to distribute Leister’s textile welders in Western Australia (and a lot more of the Leister plastic welding range!)

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Hole saws for plastic pipe and sheet

Polyweld Machinery supplies 3Keego HW60 series hole saws, ideal for cutting holes in HDPE pipe. The tungsten carbide tipped blade ensures clean, fast cuts. No overheating and melting the plastic, and it cuts a plug that captures all the debris! Available in a wide range of sizes, up to 160mm, from Polyweld Machinery or our sister company Mallee Agencies.

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Polyweld Machinery services and repairs all major brands of plastic welding equipment

We service and repair all major brands of plastic welding machinery. Our dedicated facility is staffed by qualified and highly experienced electrical and mechanical repair specialists.

We’ve just recently completed a significant overhaul on a Dixon HF 450 for a client in NSW, including replacing the hydraulic cylinders on the rams, and repairing and re-surfacing the heating plate. It’s now completed, tested and ready to go!

For service enquiries, call (08) 9303 2164 or email

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Strong growth in 2017 and beyond for global plastic welding industry

The global plastic welding and plastics manufacturing industries is showing strong, positive growth into 2017 and beyond. The US market is expected to grow to US $840 million by 2023 (from $595 million in 2015).

Both Leister and Ritmo are significant innovators in this space, with their technology utilised in industries as diverse as civil engineering, packaging, vehicle repair and health care.

PICTURED: Servicing of a Leister UNIPLAN E automatic hot air welder at the Leister Technologies USA plant in Illinois.

Source of data:

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Happy new year 2017

Happy new year to all of our friends and families in the world of plastic welding. Best wishes for a 2017 that is happy, healthy and prosperous.

Polyweld Machinery re-opens today, January 3rd 2017. We look forward to focusing upon our three core pillars this year:

SALES of new, premium quality plastic welding machinery and tooling from the likes of Leister, Ritmo, Buckleys, Caldertech, Bandle, Pajarito and more.

SERVICE AND REPAIR of a wide range of brands in addition to our own agencies, including Dixon, World Poly and Tecnodue butt-fusion welders and Forsthoff hot air welders. Our qualified staff has extensive experience in all major brands of plastic welders.

HIRE of our expanding range of butt-fusion welders, electrofusion welders, extrusion welders, hot air welders, pipe scraping and clamping tools and our custom products, including our hole saw kit and infrared weld testing kit. For almost every plastic welding application we can customise a complete machinery and tooling solution to get the job done right.

As always, you can contact us on phone (08) 9303 2164, email or contact us through social media. Best wishes for a great 2017!

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Court ruling in fatal accident on mine site with HDPE pipeline

A company has been fined $130,000 in a Perth court for failing to provide a safe working environment at the Telfer gold mine in the Pilbara, WA, after a man was fatally crushed by a section of HDPE pipe at the mine in December 2013.

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Western Australia is the world’s most attractive mining investment destination

The good news this morning is that an international think tank has rated Western Australia (Polyweld Machinery’s home!) the most attractive mining investment destination in the world. Investment in the mining sector, and the projects that result, are also beneficial for the polyethylene pipe and geomembrane liner industries, meaning more work for plastic welders.

More on the story from the ABC at:

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Two new POLYVIEWERS shipping out today

Two brand new Polyweld Machinery POLYVIEWER vacuum testing domes are headed out today to our good friends at Jaylon Industries / Jaylon Environmental Systems.

These domes are used in conjunction with vacuum pumps to test weld integrity on HDPE geomembrane liners. By spraying soapy water along the weld seam, and then applying a vacuum, the presence of bubbles can indicate defects in the weld.

Designed by Polyweld Machinery and manufactured locally in Perth, they are an important tool for anyone involved in dam or pond lining. We can supply different options in the vacuum test unit to suit your work environment or testing specifications.

For more information, call us on (08) 9303 2164 or email

Polyweld Machinery POLYVIEWER

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