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New for hire! Caldertech mains restraining clamps 63-180mm

Polyweld has the Caldertech MAINS RESTRAINING pipe clamp available for short or long term hire. With an operating range of 63-180mm pipe OD, this clamp is used to align and secure HDPE pipe during electrofusion welding.

The shell design inserts offer full circumference contact with the pipe, making this unit particularly suitable for clamping coiled pipe. Additionally, the hinged angle-maker base enables the operator to clamp the pipe at various angles to weld elbow couplers.

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Ritmo manual heating plates

For the butt-fusion of pipe for low pressure (drainage) applications, or other specialised butt welding of HDPE and similar thermoplastics, these simple but effective manual heating plates from Italian manufacturer Ritmo are the reliable tool for the task. With accurate temperature management (available in either a fixed or variable version) and a durable teflon coating, they are professional grade tools built for longevity.

The Ritmo manual heating plates are available in four sizes, with operational capacity up to 180mm in the largest model. To discuss the suitability of these heating plates for your plastic welding application, contact Polyweld Machinery for technical advice.

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Hole saws for plastic pipe and sheet

Polyweld Machinery supplies 3Keego HW60 series hole saws, ideal for cutting holes in HDPE pipe. The tungsten carbide tipped blade ensures clean, fast cuts. No overheating and melting the plastic, and it cuts a plug that captures all the debris! Available in a wide range of sizes, up to 160mm, from Polyweld Machinery or our sister company Mallee Agencies.

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Two new POLYVIEWERS shipping out today

Two brand new Polyweld Machinery POLYVIEWER vacuum testing domes are headed out today to our good friends at Jaylon Industries / Jaylon Environmental Systems.

These domes are used in conjunction with vacuum pumps to test weld integrity on HDPE geomembrane liners. By spraying soapy water along the weld seam, and then applying a vacuum, the presence of bubbles can indicate defects in the weld.

Designed by Polyweld Machinery and manufactured locally in Perth, they are an important tool for anyone involved in dam or pond lining. We can supply different options in the vacuum test unit to suit your work environment or testing specifications.

For more information, call us on (08) 9303 2164 or email

Polyweld Machinery POLYVIEWER

Polyweld Machinery HDPE geomembrane liner

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Gensets for hire

Crommelins 6.2kva P62EH hire spec generator

Our hire equipment range is not limited to only welders and weld preparation tooling. We supply complete hire solutions for plastic welding, which means quality Subaru generators to power the welding machinery. Designed for Australian conditions, the Crommelins 6.2kva petrol genset has a host of special features thanks to the hire pack add-ons. Think wheel kit, lifting bar, weather proof outlets, circuit breakers and RCDs, and more. Quality power sources for quality equipment mean that your on site welding project is hassle free.

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New Ritmo DELTA 1000 TRAILER butt fusion welder

Ritmo have just released details on their latest butt fusion welder for HDPE pipe, the DELTA 1000 TRAILER. Huge working range of 355-1000mm. Contact Polyweld Machinery for more details.

– Suitable for High Pressure Welding Standard ISO 21307 (60% time saving)
– Working range Ø 355 ÷ 1000 mm
– Work fast and easy with hydraulic clamps – facer – heater
– “Easy Life” welding system
– Intuitive control panel
– Data-logging with memory included
– Report PDF file
– USB port
– Chassis easily to remove with forklift

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Welding shelters

Our new welding shelters are ideal for keeping contaminants (and the sun, rain etc.) out of your weld site. Protecting your welding area from airborne sand and dust makes weld preparation easier, and helps you achieve quality electrofusion welds.

They’re also good for a trip to the beach!

Contact Polyweld on (08) 9303 2164 or for more information.

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Hole saws for plastic

If you have a requirement to hole saw into plastic, have a talk to us about our TYPE HW60 cutter. It’s unique design not only makes it incredibly fast, but also captures the plug and shavings, making for a cleaner and more precise cut.

Polyweld Machinery stocks a full size range of the HW60 at our Wangara warehouse. Call us on (08) 9303 2164 or email

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HDPE pipe scrapers

From manual hand scrapers to large diameter mechanical rotational scrapers, and also the patented TURBO scraper from Ritmo, we have your pipe scraping requirements covered.

Ensure every electrofusion joint is a quality one, by investing in premium scraping products for your weld preparation. Buy with confidence from Polyweld Machinery and know that your backed up by technical support and an in-house maintenance centre.

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