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Hole saws for plastic pipe and sheet

Polyweld Machinery supplies 3Keego HW60 series hole saws, ideal for cutting holes in HDPE pipe. The tungsten carbide tipped blade ensures clean, fast cuts. No overheating and melting the plastic, and it cuts a plug that captures all the debris! Available in a wide range of sizes, up to 160mm, from Polyweld Machinery or our sister company Mallee Agencies.

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World’s most precise plastic weld

A university in the UK claims it has produced the world’s most precise plastic weld, using lasers.

Laser has been used for some time now in plastic welding very small plastic components (LEISTER has an entire laser welding division). What the researchers at Cambridge have done is taken the infrared technology even smaller, to be able to weld plastic with widths of 1µm and channels of 5µm. Now that is seriously small!

Precision is generally operator dependent (skill and practice!) – but it also helps to have the right gear. See Leister’s entire plastic welding range at Polyweld Machinery.