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Pipe alignment clamps

Pipe alignment clamps are essential for quality electrofusion welds. They ensure the weld integrity is not compromised during fusion, and help to align clamps into the coupler during preparation.

We stock a range of Ritmo and Caldervale clamping setups, from simple strap clamps to rigid assemblies, with options up to 500mm OD. Contact us for more information, (08) 9303 2164 or

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Extrusion welding shoes

Extrusion welding shoes are high grade Teflon blocks, shaped to suit the geometry of the desired weld. You can think of them as a trowel for your plastic welding extrudate.

Our Leister welding shoes cover all major seam geometries, for everything from container fabrication to overlap seam welding.

Visit for more information and a guide to the range, or call us on (08) 9303 2164.

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The Ritmo DELTA 500 ALL TERRAIN butt fusion welder operates on 200-500mm HDPE pipe. Italian made, and built tough for the Aussie environment.

The DELTA 500 ALL TERRAIN is powered by a low-vibration diesel engine and equipped with front steering wheels and rear traction. The machine is suitable for welding pressure pipes (HDPE, PP) for the transportation of water, gas and other fluids up to Ø 500 mm (20 “IPS).

Built according to the International standards ISO 21307 HIGH PRESSURE (machine works with a pressure range that is three times and a half higher than the ISO Low Pressure one. This enhances productivity, with a welding time saving up to 60%).

This poly welder features:

– Working range from Ø 200 to 500 mm (6″ IPS ÷ 20” IPS)
– Welds fittings like elbows, tees, Y-branches and stub flanges
– New RITMO Patented assisted system to open/close/lift clamps-heater-facer
– Fast-locking system which allows to place and remove inserts in seconds
– Easy Life welding system
– GPS traceability
– Data-logging included
– Memory up to 4000 joint reports – downloadable straight into a PDF file
– USB port for firmware upgrade
– Intuitive control panel and large graphic display
– Machine body and on-board generator easily removable for working in tight spaces
– Machine can be powered using 230 V Three phase 50/60 Hz
– Wheeled chassis designed to be lifted using a forklift
– Two lateral rollers that can be operated by a cordless drill
– On-board electric facer that is equipped with a safety microswitch
– On-board generator removable for independent use

For more information, contact us, (08) 9303 2164 or

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Spectex 2015 Expo

We stopped in to check out the SPECTEX 2015 show, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre recently.

We were keen to check out the new stationary welder from Leister, the SEAMTEK 36. We were impressed with how versatile the machine’s settings are, with control over the individual rollers, and a memory bank to store commonly used configurations.

The SEAMTEK 36 is ideal for workshop-based continuous seam welds in polyethylene, PVC and other thermoplastic textiles.

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Which extruder is right for you?

Which extrusion welder is right for your plastic welding application?

With 9 models in the range, Leister has an extruder for every need, from confined space fabrication, to huge geo-membrane liner welds requiring massive material outputs.

Our extrusion welder guide shows all models side by side with the important specs, take a look at or give us a shout, (08) 9303 2164. You can also email us at

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Electrofusion packages for hire

Polyweld Machinery have electrofusion welding equipment for hire: we can supply the complete package.

Including electrofusion welders, rotational pipe scrapers, pipe alignment clamps, welding wipes, and even power generators for on-site work.

Call us on (08) 9303 2164 for more information, or read more about us at