Caldertech external bead removal tool (63-125mm)

The Caldertech external bead remover is a professional tool for the removal of the external bead on HDPE pipe 63-125mm in diameter. Raised beads form at the site of butt-fusion welds as a result of the heat and pressure applied during the welding process.

Why are external beads sometimes removed?

  • To enable the pipe to be smoothly slip-lined into a larger pipe;
  • To enable closer inspection of the weld to detect defects.

The 63-125mm External Debeader will help whether it’s hot or cold. Adjust the guides to the correct pipe diameter then place onto the bead. Simply knock the body to engage the blade and use the ratchet to peel the bead away from the pipes surface leaving a flush finish.

Simple to use
Adjustable for 63mm – 125mm pipe diameter
Changeable Blade