Hire IRtek IR50i infrared thermometer

The IRtek IR50i infrared thermometer is available for short or long-term hire from Polyweld Machinery. The IR50i is used to externally verify and monitor the temperature of your plastic welding device, such as the surface temperature on  the heating plate of a butt-fusion welder, or the pre-heat air temperature on an extrusion welder. Infrared thermometers are regularly used for quality assurance and testing purposes, to ensure that welding equipment is functioning optimally. Polyweld Machinery’s IR50i is supplied with a NATA calibration certificate.


Technical specifications:

Measurement Range : -60ºC ~ 500ºC (-76ºF ~ 932ºF)
Distance : Spot : 11 : 1
Resolution : 0.1º
Accuracy : ±1ºC (±1.8ºF) for 15ºC ~ 35ºC;
±2% of reading or ±2ºC (±4ºF)
whichever is greater
Emissivity : adjustable 0.10 ~ 1.00
Response Time : 1 second
Spectral Response : 8 ~ 14µm
Laser Pointer : Single, Class II, up to 1mW
Thermocouple : K type;
range : -64ºC ~ 1400ºC (-83.2ºF ~ 1999ºF);
accuracy : ±1% of reading or ±1ºC (±1.8ºF)
whichever is greater
Power : 2 x 1.5V (AAA battery)
Size : H175 x D39 x W72 mm
Weight : 179g
Standard Accessories : Operation Manual, Batteries, Warranty Card, Certificate of
Product Conformance
Optional Accessories : Thermocouple Probe, Soft Case, Hard Case, CalibrationCertificate