Ritmo DELTA 355 ALL-TERRAIN butt-fusion welder (125-355mm)

The Ritmo DELTA 355 ALL TERRAIN is the butt fusion machine that will change your concept of working on site. ALL TERRAIN is designed to simplify the movements of the machine in all-terrain conditions, including the loading/unloading of the machine itself from the transportation van/truck. DELTA 355 ALL TERRAIN is suitable for welding under-pressure pipes (HDPE, PP, PVDF, PB) for the transportation of water, gas and other fluids. It can weld pipes and fittings of diameters between 125 mm and 355 mm.

– Powered by a low-vibration diesel engine, is equipped with front steering wheels and rear traction
– Built according to the International standards ISO 21307 HIGH PRESSURE (the clamps cylinders work with a pressure range that is three times and a half higher than the ISO Low Pressure ones. This enhances productivity, with a welding time saving of 60%)
– The machine body, with the four clamps, can be easily removed from the trolley in order to work in ditches. Also the control panel can be removed to allow the operator to control the welding process out from the ditch
–  Fast-locking adapters system SMARTLocK RITMO Patented, thanks to which is possible to change adapters in few seconds
– EASY LIFE system allows the operator to program and control, in a very easy way, all the welding cycle and it also incorporates a Data-logging to record all the working process. The EASY LIFE system can store up to 400 joint reports
– GPS system that allows the localization of the working place
– The milling cutter is mounted on-board
– The heating element can be docked in a comfortable on-board support
– The machine is supplied with two rollers that allow the fast shift of the pipes; the one on the rear of the machine is hydraulic-controlled while the other, in front, is manual


Clamps’ inserts from Ø 125 to 315 mm
– Tool for flange necks/stub-end holder
– Inserts’ transportation box
– Data-logging software and cable