Ritmo DELTA 800 butt-fusion welder (500-800mm)

With the Ritmo DELTA 800 butt-fusion welder it is possible to weld fittings such as elbows, tees, wyes and stub ends. This is possible because the 3rd clamp can be anchored to the 1st and 2nd (movable) and slide along with the pipe. The fitting have to be locked in the 4th clamp. Short neck stub ends can be welded with the help of a special tool (on request).

– A machine body with a steel bearing frame
– Self detaching device: helps removing the heating plate during welding procedure
– An extractable heating plate with separate thermometer for reading the working temperature
– An extractable electric milling cutter with a safety microswitch and overload cutout
– An electrohydraulic gearcase
– Digital electric connections box with the temperature controller
– A milling cutter/heating plate support

– Clamps’ inserts from Ø 500 to 710 mm
– Tool for flange necks
– Electrical crane
– Special transport wooden case (machine body with trolley)
– Wooden case for inserts
– Machine body trolley
– Data-logging THE INSPECTOR
– Rollers