Threaded PE pipe fittings

Polyweld’s threaded PE pipe fittings are manufactured from 100% pipe grade PE100 polyethylene, and consist of a spigot end (sized to match PE pipe outside diameter) and a BSP sized threaded section at the other end. A knuckle at the base of the thread assists in connecting your tap or fitting. Available in a range of sizes in male and female fittings, as per specifications below.


BSPM20: 20mm to 1/2″ male
BSPM25: 25mm to 3/4″ male
BSPM32: 32mm to 1″ male
BSPM40: 40mm to 1 1/4″ male
BSPM50: 50mm to 1 1/2″ male
BSPM63: 63mm to 2″ male
BSPM75: 75mm to 2 1/2″ male
BSPM90: 90mm to 3″ male

BSPF20: 20mm to 1/2″ female
BSPF25: 25mm to 3/4″ female
BSPF32: 32mm to 1″ female
BSPF40: 40mm to 1 1/4″ female
BSPF50: 50mm to 1 1/2″ female
BSPF63: 63mm to 2″ female
BSPF75: 75mm to 2 1/2″ female