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New for hire! Caldertech mains restraining clamps 63-180mm

Polyweld has the Caldertech MAINS RESTRAINING pipe clamp available for short or long term hire. With an operating range of 63-180mm pipe OD, this clamp is used to align and secure HDPE pipe during electrofusion welding.

The shell design inserts offer full circumference contact with the pipe, making this unit particularly suitable for clamping coiled pipe. Additionally, the hinged angle-maker base enables the operator to clamp the pipe at various angles to weld elbow couplers.

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Next training course 9-10 NOV 2015

Spots are still available at the next plastic welding training course at Polyweld Machinery. Nov 9th-10th 2015. Fully accredited and nationally recognised. Suitable for those refreshing their ticket or those looking to get started in the polywelding industry.

The course typically covers butt fusion welding, electrofusion welding and extrusion welding, as well as a theory and concept component, all of which can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Class sizes are limited, so make contact now to organise your place. Call (08) 9303 2164 or email

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Welding shelters

Our new welding shelters are ideal for keeping contaminants (and the sun, rain etc.) out of your weld site. Protecting your welding area from airborne sand and dust makes weld preparation easier, and helps you achieve quality electrofusion welds.

They’re also good for a trip to the beach!

Contact Polyweld on (08) 9303 2164 or for more information.

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NYC explosion

“The recommendations include: Revising cleaning methods for the welded joints of plastic pipes; revising the welding procedure to examine the joints more closely for secure fits; providing clear written procedures for emergency responses; and extending an existing system to shut off sections of pipeline in the case of leaks or emergencies.”

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HDPE pipe scrapers

From manual hand scrapers to large diameter mechanical rotational scrapers, and also the patented TURBO scraper from Ritmo, we have your pipe scraping requirements covered.

Ensure every electrofusion joint is a quality one, by investing in premium scraping products for your weld preparation. Buy with confidence from Polyweld Machinery and know that your backed up by technical support and an in-house maintenance centre.

View the entire range online at:

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Pipe alignment clamps

Pipe alignment clamps are essential for quality electrofusion welds. They ensure the weld integrity is not compromised during fusion, and help to align clamps into the coupler during preparation.

We stock a range of Ritmo and Caldervale clamping setups, from simple strap clamps to rigid assemblies, with options up to 500mm OD. Contact us for more information, (08) 9303 2164 or

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Electrofusion packages for hire

Polyweld Machinery have electrofusion welding equipment for hire: we can supply the complete package.

Including electrofusion welders, rotational pipe scrapers, pipe alignment clamps, welding wipes, and even power generators for on-site work.

Call us on (08) 9303 2164 for more information, or read more about us at

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Gas Explosion in New York

According to NBC New York, a gas explosion at a residential building in East Harlem last year was likely due to a faulty electrofusion weld on a plastic pipeline.

The report suggests that the weld was not properly prepared (scraped and wiped with isopropynol) prior to fusion, causing a defective joint and subsequently a gas leak.

Weld preparation is critical to a successful electrofusion joint. Since many EF pipelines are for the transmission of gas, it’s not only bad practice to not prepare properly – it’s dangerous!

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Ritmo TURBO pipe scrapers

Scraping HDPE pipe prior to electrofusion welding can be a tedious process, especially if you have a lot of welds to do. Small bore pipe (20-63mm) tends not to be covered by the rotary scrapers, which is why Ritmo designed and patented the TURBO scraper.

It fits on to the end of your cordless drill, and is capable of both scraping the pipe to be inserted into the fitting, and also squaring the end of the pipe to ensure even insertion into your coupler. Fast, simple, excellent results. Great Italian design.

Available from Polyweld Machinery. Call us on (08) 9303 2164 or find out more here.

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Who is Ritmo?

Ritmo has been manufacturing plastic welding machinery and tooling for poly pipe welding from their Padova (Italy) plant since 1979. With a focus on premium quality and continuous innovation, their range covers butt fusion, electrofusion and socket fusion welders.

They also manufacture a range of heavy-duty plant and equipment for workshop use: plastic pipe bandsaws, fittings fabrication machines, plastic sheet welding machines, and more. Exporting worldwide, they have a strong international presence within the plastics industry.

Ritmo machinery is built tough and well suited to Australian conditions, which is why Polyweld are proud to distribute their product range in Western Australia.