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New for hire! Caldertech mains restraining clamps 63-180mm

Polyweld has the Caldertech MAINS RESTRAINING pipe clamp available for short or long term hire. With an operating range of 63-180mm pipe OD, this clamp is used to align and secure HDPE pipe during electrofusion welding.

The shell design inserts offer full circumference contact with the pipe, making this unit particularly suitable for clamping coiled pipe. Additionally, the hinged angle-maker base enables the operator to clamp the pipe at various angles to weld elbow couplers.

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Pipe alignment clamps

Pipe alignment clamps are essential for quality electrofusion welds. They ensure the weld integrity is not compromised during fusion, and help to align clamps into the coupler during preparation.

We stock a range of Ritmo and Caldervale clamping setups, from simple strap clamps to rigid assemblies, with options up to 500mm OD. Contact us for more information, (08) 9303 2164 or