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WIDOS SPA 600 weld log recording (50-2600mm)

WIDOS SPA 600 weld log recording (50-2600mm)


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The WIDOS SPA 600 weld log recorder is developed for the easy monitoring and recording of the weld seam during butt welding and is compatible with all WIDOS plastic welding machines.  The WIDOS SPA 600 convinces with easy user guidance.

The WIDOS SPA 600 consists of a sturdy steel housing with built-in computer, an external temperature sensor, a pressure sensor and a parallel interface for commercial printers. Furthermore, it is prepared for an SD memory card as well as a barcode reader pen.

The weld log recorder is screwed to the protective frame of the hydraulic unit and connected via a connecting cable to the Schuko plug of the hydraulic unit. The pressure sensor is placed on a Minimess hose and a T-piece connector between the hydraulic coupling in the pressure line.

The second temperature sensor to transmit the heating temperature to the recorder is installed in the heating element and connected to the unit via a connecting cable using special connectors.