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WIDOS 12000 WM fitting fabrication welder (500-1200mm)

WIDOS 12000 WM fitting fabrication welder (500-1200mm)


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The WIDOS 12000 WM is a manual welding machine for the heating element butt welding of PE and PP pipes from OD 500 up to OD 1200 and for the rational fabrication of fittings e.g. bends, T- and cross-pieces (OD 630 up to OD 800/1200) of the highest quality in the workshop. The table drive enables by a steady running a precisely controllable and high forces and is ideally designed to meet the needs of the plastics processing. With special clamping tools, the welding of special components, such as corrugated pipes and insulating pipes and non-standard pipes is possible.

The complete machine base (base frame) is designed as solid and torsion-free steel welding construction. The operation of the machine, the heating element and the planer is done via control panel, which is connected to the basic machine firmly and with a single line. The console may be equipped as entirely manual version with optional weld log recording as simple WIDOS SPA 600. Starting with the weld log recording all data is registered onto SD card as electronic data log. The data log contains all relevant nominal and current values of the welding as well as a possible error code upon parameter discrepancies.

The WIDOS 12000 WM is for the heating element butt welding of PE-, PP- and PVDF-pipes and fittings from OD 500 up to OD 1200. The heating element is designed as an ideally even heating plate with integrated heating cartridges and high quality anti-stick coating. The cartridge technology makes it easy to replace individual elements in case of breakdown without losing the entire plate. The heating element can be regulated in different zones depending on the size and thus has an ideal temperature distribution to the surface. The heating element is driven between the machine tables on precise linear guidings by a pneumatic drive. This allows a very accurate positioning upon simultaneously very high accelerations and fast motions and very smooth stopping in the final positions. This is of great importance in meeting the shortest possible changeover times. The planer consists of solid, low-friction planer discs. They are driven by a powerful electric gear motor with soft start on a wide guiding and are mounted on the basic machine with a very stable welded steel housing. The planer is driven between the machine tables and locked into the working position on a precision linear guide by a pneumatic drive. Therefore a very precise positioning can be carried out.