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Ritmo COMPACT 355 butt-fusion welder (125-355mm)


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COMPACT 355 is a worksite machine for pre-insulated pipes in PE, HDPE, PP, from OD 125 to 355 mm.
Its small dimensions allow it to operate easily inside a dig, plus:
- the machine has a 2-clamp machine body, to lock the outer coating of the pre-insulated pipe
- its heating plate features the well known Digital Dragon high precision thermoregulator
- the electrohydraulic gearcase comes inside a protective box
- the milling cutter has a safety microswitch

Machine body, electrohydraulic gearcase, milling cutter, heating plate with high precision thermoregulator, milling
cutter/heating plate support, tool kit.

- OD Ø 125 ÷ 315 mm inserts with a Master Ø 250 mm adapter,
- Tool for flange necks.

Technical features:

Materials PE /HDPE/PP
Working range Ø 125 ÷ 355 mm
Power supply 110V; 230 V 50/60 Hz
Total absorbed power 5100 W
Working temperature 180° ÷ 280° C
Weight only body machines 59 Kg
Weight standard composition 144 Kg
Dimension machine body     458 x 790 x 580 mm