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Ritmo ELEKTRA XL electrofusion welder (20-1600mm)

Ritmo ELEKTRA XL electrofusion welder (20-1600mm)


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ELEKTRA XL is an universal electrofusion machine characterized by high performance and reduced weight. The welding machine has been designed to weld EF fittings up to OD 1600 mm for PE, PP, PP-R high pressure pipelines. It is available in the 230 V version and in two different EF fittings range: 8 ÷ 48 V or 8÷80 V. Provided with:

- High resistance technopolymer shell
- "Defender" protection system against dust and rain
- Lifting handle and cable wrapping
- in-built memory of 4000 welding report
- Possibility to download the welding report thanks to the USB port in PDF, CSV, BIN format. For BIN format it is necessary the RITMO transfer software. The USB port is also used to upgrade the welding machine firmware and to plug the ESC-POS printer to get immediately the welding report printed on site.
- 2,4” LCD Graphic display
- Intuitive control panel with the possibility to customize the menu with 20 different languages
- 90° universal connectors 4.0-4.7mm, no need of adapters
- Laser scanner in order to read the EF fitting barcode and to set automatically the welding parameters according to the ISO 13950. The laser technology of the scanner enhances the reading quality in case of severe light reflections or contrasts. It is also possible to enter manually both the welding parameters (Voltage/Time) and the welding barcode digits.
- Traceability: ISO 12176-3 Operator traceability; ISO 12176-4 Fitting/ pipe traceability

- In-built GPS device

Technical features: 

Materials HDPE/PP/PP-R
Working range Ø 20 ÷ 1600 mm -  1/2" IPS ÷ 63" IPS
Power supply 230 V ±15% single phase 50/60 Hz
Total abdorbed power (60% Duty Cycle output)     3500 W
Max output current 120 A
Working temperature range -20° +50° C
Memory capacity 4000 reports
Protection degree IP 54
Dimensions  246 x 390 x 240 mm
Dimensions carryng case  290 x 445 x 295 mm
Weight machine body + welding and
power supply cable + laser scanner
9,4 Kg