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Ritmo OMEGA fitting fabrication welders (315-630mm)

Ritmo OMEGA fitting fabrication welders (315-630mm)


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OMEGA 400 – 315 and OMEGA 630 - 315 are saddle fusion machines for workshop use.Perfect to manufacture special parts, such as reduced tees and crosses for water pipeline used in drainage/sewerage applications.

- Machine body with manual carriage for socket centring
- Hydraulic jaws for locking pipe & branches
- Side support for branches
- Quick release inserts - EASY LIFE control panel: allows a simple-easy-repeatable welding cycle, reducing the necessity of operator’s intervention
- A built-in memory records the welding cycles; the USB port and the software allow the transfer of data to a PC
- Hydraulic movement of heating plate that can host male/female sockets with heating plate detaching device

INTEGRATIVE SYSTEMS RADIUS 40-315 radial cutting band saw machine

Technical features:

Materials HDPE/PP
Working range Omega 400-315
Ø 400 ÷ 315 mm

Omega 630-315

Ø 630 ÷ 315 mm

Omega IPS
Ø 24" IPS ÷ 12" IPS

Power supply  230  V Single Phase 50/60 Hz
Working Temperature    180° ÷ 280° C
Total absorbed power   6500 W
Weight 735 Kg
Dimension  1955 x 2050 x 1650 mm