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Hire Dixon EHF350 butt-fusion welder (110-355mm)


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The Dixon EHF350 butt-fusion welder is available for short and long-term hire from Polyweld Machinery (long-term hire rates available). This 230V electric-hydraulic machine has an operational capability for 110-355mm OD pipe. The EHF350 has its milling cutter attached to the machine body for easy swing-in/out operation, and all components can be mounted on to the machine body frame, which is on a wheel base, ensuring ease of use and transport. Australian made, for Australian conditions.

Features of Polyweld Machinery’s Dixon EHF350 butt-fusion welder:

  • Suitable for welding pipe/fittings from 110mm to 355mm.
  • Has all the HF350 features,  plus an electric hydraulic pump and valving allows pre-setting of up to 3  working pressures (eg face, drag, fuse & cool) – for improved weld quality  with less effort.
  • Compact design, with self contained hydraulics.
  • Wheels can easily be removed to work in confined space if required.
  • Easy one man operation.
  • Unique pipe alignment mechanism quickly overcomes pipe mismatch.
  • Joints rapidly prepared with the powerful electric facer.
  • Facer mounted on machine frame.
  • Self centring fittings chuck – no simpler way to hold and align stub flanges.
  • Purpose designed heater provides controllable, uniform surface temperature.
  • Heater reaches working temperature within 15 minutes.
  • Quick change non-stick heater surfaces cuts lost time repairing damage in the field.
  • These robust tools are tough and reliable in harsh field conditions, with little maintenance required.
  • Supplied in a purpose-built steel transport frame, to protect and secure welder during transport, and to facilitate easier loading and unloading.