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Hire Ritmo manual socket welders


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The Ritmo manual socket welders are available for short and long-term hire from Polyweld Machinery. The R63 and R125Q manual socket welders are for the joining of polyethylene pipe systems, utilising teflon-coated sockets and spigots relevant to the outside diameter of your pipe. There are two models available for hire:

  • Ritmo R63 socket welder (working range 20-63mm OD)
  • Ritmo R125Q socket welder (working range 20-125m OD)

Ritmo manual socket welders for joining pipes and fittings, in compliance with the standards in force. They feature an aluminum heating plate and a practical, heat-insulated plastic handle. They can weld HDPE, PP, PP-R, PVDF pipes and fittings, and they are characterized by different shapes and working ranges, suitable for different applications.

They’re available with an adjustable electronic thermoregulator (TE), or with a fixed electronic thermostat (TFE).

The new TFE control system features a new self-diagnostic device, provided with an alarm, which would alert the operator in case of anomaly; at the same time, the heating element would switch off automatically. Thanks to an algorithm PID microcontroller, combined with a platinum sensor, the temperature control system can react faster to the external temperature fluctuations, and guarantee higher reliability and longer durability.