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Ritmo MAXI 315 butt-fusion welder (90-315mm)


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MAXI 315: a professional welding machine ideal for medium sized pipes and sewers up to Ø 315 mm.

It consists of a machine body with pressure regulating device, a pair of clamps, two lateral supports, an electrically controlled milling cutter for levelling the ends of the pipe and/or fitting with a safety microswitch, an extractable heating plate with automatic electronic device to control the temperature, a sliding support, a tip-up metal frame on wheels that acts as a work bench and protection when transporting the machine.

The MAXI 315 can weld fittings such as bends and tees. Branches can also be welded thanks to the single clamps (available on request) indicated for all diameters in the working range.

- Machine body with a milling cutter and lateral supports
- TP 315 TE plate
- Right and Left clamp Ø 315
- Steel frame on wheels (for transporting and for use as a work bench)
- Wooden case


- Clamp adapters Ø 90 ÷ 280 mm
- Lateral supports adapters
- Wyes (Y) clamps from Ø 90 ÷ 315 mm (while stocks last)

Technical features: 

Materials HDPE - PP - PB - PVDF
Working range Ø 90 ÷ 315 mm
Power supply 230 V single phase 50/60 Hz
Total abdorbed power   3900 W
Working temperature 180° ÷ 280° C
Dimensions   1420 x 1300 x 1570 mm
Weight standard composition     183 Kg