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Ritmo POLYFUSION 4-50 sheet welder

Ritmo POLYFUSION 4-50 sheet welder


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POLYFUSION 4-50 is a CNC automatic butt fusion machine, suitable for welding thermoplastic sheets made of HDPE, PP, PVC, PVDF. 

POLYFUSION 4-50, besides operating to weld horizontally, allow you to perform different types of welds as circular and 90° thanks to special accessories available on request.

The machine is equipped with a control panel, which allows easily and safely setting and performance of the whole welding process. The welding process setting is arranged with temperature and pressure parameters in compliance with D.V.S. 2207 directives. Otherwise according to the user’s needs, it is also possible to input the type of material and the dimension of the thermoplastic sheet, and therefore proceed to weld.

Each welding cycle is automatically memorized (4000 welding cycles) and it’s possible to save it and transfer the PDF files thanks to an USB storage device.
Possibility to pre-set 15 customized.

The butt fusion machine is also able to weld twin-wall PE and PP sheets

Weldable plastic thickness: 3 ÷ 50 mm the indicated maximum thickness can be welded with materials that require a maximum welding pressure not higher than 0.17 N/mm2; Max. weldable length: 4000 mm, with the possibility to weld simultaneously 3 sheets with maximum side of 1300 mm.

Welding types: horizontal (standard composition); 90 degrees and circular (on request).

 Technical features 


Max.working width

4000 mm

Min. weldable thickness    

3 mm

Max. weldable thickness

50 mm
Types of welding Plane, Circular*, 90°
Power supply 400 V
Max. absorbed power 12000 W
Pneumatic feed (for 90° welding) Tank 1000 lt – 0.78 m3/h at 9 bar compressor
Report PDF
Memory 4000 cycles
Pre-set customized 15 
Dimensions folded brackets    5200 x 1540 x 840 mm
Dimensions unfolded bracket 5200 x 1540 x 1960 mm
  • The minimum diameter is calculated based on the geometric characteristics of the machine. The range of diameters that can be produced and their thickness are bound to the use of external
    systems such as overhead cranes, forklifts etc. and the permissible strain of the outer fibers of the material. Refer to the material datasheet of the manufacturer for further information in this regard.