Polyweld Machinery is for the Plastic Welding Professional.

We sell, service and hire plastic welding equipment in Western Australia. We are your one-stop shop for plastic welding machines, customised plastic welding kits, Leister hot air tools and extrusion welders, Ritmo poly pipe butt fusion welders, electrofusion and socket welding tools, pipe scrapers and cutters, pipe rollers and clamps, welding testing instruments, and plastic welding rod (HDPE, PP, PVC and more). A large selection of our product range is available for short or long-term hire.

Product Categories

Polyweld Machinery offers a range of butt-fusion, electrofusion, extrusion and socket welding machinery, and associated tooling and equipment for short or long term hire.

Electrohydraulic butt-fusion welders for HDPE pipe Ø 40mm to 1600mm. Auxiliary tools and accessories including bead removal tools and pipe rollers.

Leister hot air welders (TRIAC) and extrusion welders for plastic fabrication and repair across a diverse array of applications and industries.

Manual and frame-mounted socket welding plates, sockets & spigots, and hole saw equipment.

Leister GEOSTAR G5 automatic wedge welder

Leister extrusion welders, hot air and hot wedge automatic welders, and testing equipment for geo-civil engineering applications including tunnelling, lining and landfill construction.

Roving and stationary automatic welders for a wide range of industrial fabrics, including banners and signs, tarpaulins, truck curtains, tents and more.

Ritmo ALFA 400 EASYLIFE fitting fabrication welder

Professional workshop machinery for the fabrication of plastic pipe fittings, plastic sheet welding, and band saws.

Electrofusion welders for high and low pressure HDPE pipelines. An extensive range of pipe treatment tools including scrapers, cutters, re-rounders and pipe clamping equipment.

Leister automatic welders for welding flooring materials (PVC-P, PE, linoleum). Hot air tools, grooving equipment and hand tools for a professional result.

Premium heat source equipment for heating, drying, shrinking and other process line applications. Includes heaters, blowers, combination units and control systems.

Welders and tooling for the installation of thermoplastic membranes for sealing flat or pitched roofing. Accessories, tooling and weld testing equipment also available.

Weld testing solutions and measurement equipment including tensiometers, spark testers, infrared thermometers, vacuum testing equipment.

Bandle 320 Curved Quarter Moon Knife

Cutters, scrapers and other high quality hand tools for weld finishing and associated processes.

Plastic welding rod, plastic sheet and moulded pipe fittings for your fabrication and repair projects.