About the brand: Leister Technologies AG

Leister plastic welding equipment on display at Polyweld Machinery's showroom
Leister plastic welding equipment on display at Polyweld Machinery's showroom

Polyweld Machinery & Leister

Polyweld Machinery have been proud to be associated with the Leister name since our inception in 2003. Managing Director Wayne Freeman has had decades of experience in servicing Leister equipment through sister company Freeman Industries (formerly Bobway Electrics), and was thrilled at the opportunity to be the official and exclusive sales partner for Leister plastic welding equipment in Western Australia.

We now have one of the largest stocks of Leister plastic welding machinery, tooling, accessories and spare parts in Australia. The showroom at our Wangara (Perth, Western Australia) premises displays a wide array of hot air tools, extrusion welders, automatic hot air and hot wedge welders and industrial heat source equipment, as well as a huge range of accessories including welding nozzles, shoes and hand tools. Our support for this premium Swiss-made equipment is led by our dedicated service facility adjoining the product showroom

Christiane Leister, head of the Leister Group of companies
Christiane Leister, head of the Leister Group of companies

Leister: A long history

Karl Leister started his first company in 1949 in the basement of his parents' home in Solingen, Germany, producing hand held vacuum cleaners. Events and encounters in these early years led Karl to the idea of using hot air for the welding of thermoplastics. By 1954, Leister's company created the KOMBI hot air welder and commenced production in a new facility in Solingen. The Leister company began the move from Germany to Switzerland in the early 1960s, and over the course of the following decade, all business activities moved to their production facilities in Kaegiswil, Switzerland.

In 1992, Christiane Leister took over management of the company and the executive team, as successor to Karl Leister. Throughout the rest of the 1990s, Leister rapidly expanded into other product divisions (including micro-optics and laser plastic welding), as well as expanding the range of plastic welding machinery and investing in research and development within the thermoplastic welding technology space.

Leister is now a truly global company, boasting 130 sales and service centres in 100 countries. Their plastic welding technology represents the finest examples of Swiss quality and innovation, and lead the market in the design and production of machinery and tools for the Plastic Welding Professional. Polyweld Machinery believes professional plastic welders require equipment that is of premium quality and built for longevity. For the past 12 years, Polyweld has dispatched Leister welders right across Western Australia, from remote mine sites to major production facilities. For plastic fabrication, vehicle repairs, civil engineering, tunneling, roofing, flooring and industrial plastic fabric welding, your first choice is Leister.

The Leister stand at the 2013 K Fair in Dusseuldorf, Germany
The Leister stand at the 2013 K Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany

Polyweld: Continuing the quality

At Polyweld Machinery, we recognise the need to support premium products with premium after-sales service. Which is why we have a dedicated service facility adjoining our showroom. Staffed by qualified electrical and mechanical experts, our knowledge of the Leister product range is unsurpassed in Australia. We have also built upon the versatility of Leister welders by introducing our own extrusion welding kits, designing a steel transport case around the Leister extruder range that holds everything you need for on-site plastic welding.