Design a customised plastic welding kit with a Leister extrusion welder and genuine accessories.

Polyweld Machinery's customised extrusion welding kits are a completely unique offering for the Australian plastic welding market. Designed around the industry leading Leister range of Swiss-made extruders, they are optimised for site work conditions, housing everything required within a purpose-built steel transport case. Included are all of the welding shoes, hand tools and accessories needed for your plastic welding requirements.

There is a high level of versatility in Polyweld's extrusion welding kits, with a lot of optional shoes and accessories. We highly recommend you make contact with us to discuss your welding application so we can guide you through the extensive range and configure to give you the best equipment for the job. Call us on (08) 9303 2164 or email

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Leister extrusion welding kit

Step 1: Choose a Leister extrusion welder

Leister FUSION 2 extrusion welder

Leister FUSION 2 extrusion welder

The FUSION 2 is a high performance extruder for general fabrication and repairs. Its short length and moderate output rate make it useful for smaller spigot welding, tank repairs, container construction and more.

Features at a glance:
230V / 2800W
1.3-1.8kg/hr extrudate output rate
Uses 4mm profile PE and PP weld rod
450mm long, 5.9kg weight
Single heat zone, steplessly adjustable

Leister FUSION 3C extrusion welder

Leister FUSION 3C extrusion welder

The FUSION 3C has a very impressive output capability given its size and weight. The longer barrel and larger output makes the FUSION 3C ideally suited to geomembrane liner welding or for long continuous welds where the extra speed is very valuable.

Features at a glance:
230V / 2800W
2.7-3.5kg/hr extrudate output rate (4mm PE)
Uses 3mm or 4mm profile PE and PP weld rod
588mm long, 6.9kg weight
Single heat zone, steplessly adjustable

Leister WELDPLAST S2 extrusion welder

Leister WELDPLAST S2 extrusion welder

The WELDPLAST S2 is Leister's flagship extruder. It features a highly versatile material output, making it adaptable to a wide variety of welding applications both in the workshop and on-site. Ultimate control is achieved through separate heat settings for air and material, managed by a touchscreen digital interface.

Features at a glance:
230V / 3000W
0.6-2.3kg/hr extrudate output rate (PE)
Uses 3mm or 4mm profile PE and PP weld rod
450mm long, 5.8kg weight
Digital display and control of settings (+ in-built presets)
Dual heat zones (pre-heat & extrudate), steplessly adjustable

Step 2: Choose welding shoes

Leister's welding shoe range can be daunting at first but is easy to understand once you realise that each welding-grade Teflon block is shaped to generate a specific weld seam shape and size. Choosing the right shoe is based upon determining what shape weld you require, and matching the size to the output capability of the extrusion welder being used. Browse a selection of shoes below or download a welding shoe chart for FUSION and WELDPLAST models.

pdficon Download Leister welding shoe chart

Welding seam geometries
Blank weld shoe

Blank weld shoes
145.945: 50x30x38mm
145.946: 70x50x58mm

Overlap weld shoe

Overlap weld shoes
145.896: 25mm
145.947: 30mm
145.897: 35mm

Fillet weld shoe

Fillet weld shoes
145.943: 5-6mm
145.944: 8-10mm
145.812: 15mm
145.940: 20mm
145.816: 25mm

Inside corner shoe

Inside corner weld shoes
145.811: Long (D = 14mm)
145.488: Short (D = 20mm)

Outside corner weld shoe

Outside corner weld shoes
146.643: 8mm
146.645: 10mm
146.649: 12mm
146.651: 15mm

V-seam / X-seam weld shoe

V-seam / X-seam weld shoes
145.912: 5-6mm / 10-12mm
145.915: 8-10mm / 15/20mm
145.907: 12mm / 25mm
145.903: 15mm / 30mm
145.909: 20mm / 35-40mm
145.916: 25mm

Angled adapter 45º

Angled adapter 45º
139.460: Weldplast s2
148.817: Fusion 3C

Angled adapter 90º

Angled adapter 90º
139.461: Weldplast s2
148.816: Fusion 3C

Step 3: Choose tools and accessories

131.451: Tool rest for extruder

131.451: Tool rest for extruder

144.095: Weld rod de-reeler

144.095: Weld rod de-reeler

136.231: Pre-heat reflector

136.231: Pre-heat reflector

119.540: Plastic case

119.540: Plastic case
(Supplied with extruder when steel case is not selected)

Heating element

Heating elements
123.561: Fusion 2/3C
109.984: Weldplast S2

Step 4: Fit all of your new equipment into a purpose-built steel transport case

The steel cases have been designed by Polyweld Machinery specifically for the extruder models and tools listed above. There is a hidden shelf under the extruder to store welding shoes and hand tools, and brackets to hold the extrusion welder, the hot air tool, and a grinder with flap disc (for weld preparation) securely in place. Having all of the tools and accessories in one place helps you to safely manage your assets to, from and on-site.

Weldplast S2 extrusion welder kit