Hire Buckleys ST-AC 100 spark tester

The Buckleys ST-AC 100 spark tester is available for short and long-term hire from Polyweld Machinery (long-term hire rates available). The spark tester is a weld testing instrument suitable for detecting flaws or pin holes in your plastic welding seams. It is suitable for testing tanks, containers and liner membranes from 1-30mm thick. It is used extensively in the plastics industry for checking butt welds, overlap weld seams, extrusion welds and hot air welds.


The CE approved Buckleys ST-AC 100 Spark Tester provides a quick and effective means of inspecting thicker coatings and linings. It is particularly useful for checking butt-welded and overlap joints on plastic or rubber sheets etc, and can detect flaws and defects in membrane thicknesses of up to 30mm. It is used extensively in the petro-chemical, pipeline construction and plastic and rubber manufacturing industries. The Spark Tester is supplied with a 150mm flexible probe which is suitable for most uses.

Insulated extension rods, electrodes and accessories are available for specific applications. The maximum recommended size for electrodes is 150mm.


  • Strong aluminium case
  • Mains powered
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Power limited output for operator safety
  • 2 metre test probe handle lead
  • 2 metre mains lead
  • Large carrying handle
  • CE approved