Ritmo ALFA 400 EASYLIFE fitting fabrication welder (90-400mm)

The Ritmo ALFA 400 EASY LIFE workshop butt-fusion welding machine is designed to fabricate fittings by joining HDPE or PP pipe segments, with the help of special jaws. It can fabricate elbows Ø 90-400 mm and TEES, CROSSES and WYES (Ys) Ø 90 ÷ 315 mm.


– A machine body with two carriages, one of which driven by a hydraulic system
– A control panel that features the Easy Life system, enabling the whole welding cycle in a simple, intuitive and repeatable way, so that the operator’s interference would be reduced to the minimum.
– An built-in memory allows the machine to store 400 welding cycles (including the set diameters and SDR). It is possible to transfer the welding data to a PC through a serial port (USB adaptor connector available) and data-management software. A printer can be connected to the serial port, to get a welding report at the end of each welding cycle.
– A heating plate featuring a new horizontal sliding system, automatically operated, which enables a fast side-sliding of the plate during the exchange period. The whole process is carried out with no need of disconnecting the upper cylinder, whenever it is in use.
– A milling cutter for levelling the ends of pipes and/or fittings that slides on recirculating ball slideways, with an electronic device for a soft start.
– An upper cylinder, to be positioned on the jaws, for welding extra thick pipes and/or whenever it’s necessary to use high pressures.
– Available in 230 V and 400 V.

Standard composition
– Machine body with control panel EASY LIFE
– Heating plate
– Milling cutter
– Upper cylinder and service tools
– Elbows jaws Ø 400 mm with lateral support inserts from Ø 90 to Ø 355 mm

On request (accessories)
– Tees/crosses jaws Ø 315 mm inserts from Ø 90 to Ø 280 mm
– Wyes jaws jaws Ø 315 mm inserts from Ø 90 to Ø 280 mm
– Right or left special jaws Ø 400 inserts from Ø 90 to Ø 355 mm
– Tool for flange necks

Technical features

Materials HDPE/PP
Working range ELBOWS
Ø 90 ÷ 400 mmY – TEES – CROSSES
Ø 90 ÷ 315 mm
Welding system EASY LIFE
Memory 400 reports
Power supply 230 V Single Phase 50/60 Hz
400 V Three Phase 50/60 Hz
Total absorbed power 7360 W
Working Temperature 180° ÷ 280° C
Weight 647 Kg
Dimension 1490x2020x1700 mm