Ritmo DELTA 630 ALL-TERRAIN butt-fusion welder (225-630mm)

The Ritmo DELTA 630 ALL TERRAIN is a butt-fusion welder designed to face the toughest working conditions. The DELTA 630 ALL TERRAIN wants to mark a turning point to the world of field fusion. It stands out for being extremely easy to set up and work with. Take the heating plate and facer disconnecting system for example; the positioning / removal of the pipes is made without obstacles, giving the operator more time for what really matters.

Italian design, known for paying particular attention to details, gives DELTA 630 ALL TERRAIN many technical innovations that are indeed practical. Take the clamps hydraulic system, for instance – not only an aesthetical maneuver, but a protection against collisions while positioning the machine inside the trench. Take the low fuel consumption and soundproofing gear – protects the environment, your health and saves your money!

DELTA 630 ALL TERRAIN is available in 2 models:
DELTA 630 ALL TERRAIN CNC (automatic welding control system)
DELTA 630 ALL TERRAIN M (manual welding control system).

…and in two different settings, according to the welding regulation being used: ISO 21307 High Pressure vs ISO 21307 Low Pressure. When applying the first one, the clamps cylinders work with a pressure range that is three times and a half higher than the ISO Low Pressure ones. This enhances productivity, with a welding time saving of 60%.

Working range: Ø 225  – 630 mm (8″ IPS – 24″ DIPS)
Ø 225 (from SDR 26 to SDR 7)
– 4 steering wheels drive
– Diesel-engine 2200 cc 22,7 Kw
– Self-contained with on-board generator
– Sliding 3rd CLAMP for fittings welding
– Automatic welding System “Easy Life”
– Detachable Control Panel
– Remotely wire-controlled up to 12 m
– Trench-Friendly
– SmartLock Inserts
– Hydraulic Lifts
– Hydraulic-controlled Clamps and Milling cutter
– Climbs rough terrain up to 30%

– Clamps’ inserts from Ø 225 to 630 mm
– Tool for flange necks/stub-end holder
– Kit for IN-DITCH use