Ritmo OMEGA 630 fitting fabrication welder (250-630mm)

The Ritmo OMEGA 630 is a butt-fusion welding machine for workshop use for the manufacturing of special parts, such as reducing branches (tees, crosses) with HDPE or PP pipe for the transport of water, gas and other fluids under pressure. Operating range of 250-630mm diameter pipe.


Standard composition:

– Machine body with manual carriage for socket centreing
– Hydraulic jaws for locking pipe & branches
– Side support for branches
– Quick release inserts
– EASY LIFE control panel (allows a simple-easy-repeatable welding cycle, reducing operator intervention)
– A built-in memory records the welding cycles (USB port and the software allow the transfer of data to a PC)
– Hydraulic movement of heating plate that can host male/female sockets with heating plate detaching device

Technical features:

Materials HDPE/PP
Working range Ø 630 – 250 mm
Power supply 230  V Single Phase 50/60 Hz
Working Temperature 180° ÷ 280° C
Total absorbed power 6500 W
Weight 735 Kg
Dimension 1955 x 2050 x 1650 mm