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Ritmo manual heating plates

For the butt-fusion of pipe for low pressure (drainage) applications, or other specialised butt welding of HDPE and similar thermoplastics, these simple but effective manual heating plates from Italian manufacturer Ritmo are the reliable tool for the task. With accurate temperature management (available in either a fixed or variable version) and a durable teflon coating, they are professional grade tools built for longevity.

The Ritmo manual heating plates are available in four sizes, with operational capacity up to 180mm in the largest model. To discuss the suitability of these heating plates for your plastic welding application, contact Polyweld Machinery for technical advice.

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Strong growth in 2017 and beyond for global plastic welding industry

The global plastic welding and plastics manufacturing industries is showing strong, positive growth into 2017 and beyond. The US market is expected to grow to US $840 million by 2023 (from $595 million in 2015).

Both Leister and Ritmo are significant innovators in this space, with their technology utilised in industries as diverse as civil engineering, packaging, vehicle repair and health care.

PICTURED: Servicing of a Leister UNIPLAN E automatic hot air welder at the Leister Technologies USA plant in Illinois.

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New Ritmo DELTA 1000 TRAILER butt fusion welder

Ritmo have just released details on their latest butt fusion welder for HDPE pipe, the DELTA 1000 TRAILER. Huge working range of 355-1000mm. Contact Polyweld Machinery for more details.

– Suitable for High Pressure Welding Standard ISO 21307 (60% time saving)
– Working range Ø 355 ÷ 1000 mm
– Work fast and easy with hydraulic clamps – facer – heater
– “Easy Life” welding system
– Intuitive control panel
– Data-logging with memory included
– Report PDF file
– USB port
– Chassis easily to remove with forklift

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Who is this happy guy?

Who is this happy guy? His name is Renzo Bortoli, and 36 years ago he started Ritmo, S.p.A., now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of HDPE pipe fusion equipment.

Polyweld Machinery are proud to support quality poly welding equipment. From butt welders and electrofusion units, to socket welders and tooling, we carry a wide range of professional machinery for your plastic welding projects. Contact us to find out more. (08) 9303 2164 /

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HDPE pipe scrapers

From manual hand scrapers to large diameter mechanical rotational scrapers, and also the patented TURBO scraper from Ritmo, we have your pipe scraping requirements covered.

Ensure every electrofusion joint is a quality one, by investing in premium scraping products for your weld preparation. Buy with confidence from Polyweld Machinery and know that your backed up by technical support and an in-house maintenance centre.

View the entire range online at:

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Pipe alignment clamps

Pipe alignment clamps are essential for quality electrofusion welds. They ensure the weld integrity is not compromised during fusion, and help to align clamps into the coupler during preparation.

We stock a range of Ritmo and Caldervale clamping setups, from simple strap clamps to rigid assemblies, with options up to 500mm OD. Contact us for more information, (08) 9303 2164 or

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The Ritmo DELTA 500 ALL TERRAIN butt fusion welder operates on 200-500mm HDPE pipe. Italian made, and built tough for the Aussie environment.

The DELTA 500 ALL TERRAIN is powered by a low-vibration diesel engine and equipped with front steering wheels and rear traction. The machine is suitable for welding pressure pipes (HDPE, PP) for the transportation of water, gas and other fluids up to Ø 500 mm (20 “IPS).

Built according to the International standards ISO 21307 HIGH PRESSURE (machine works with a pressure range that is three times and a half higher than the ISO Low Pressure one. This enhances productivity, with a welding time saving up to 60%).

This poly welder features:

– Working range from Ø 200 to 500 mm (6″ IPS ÷ 20” IPS)
– Welds fittings like elbows, tees, Y-branches and stub flanges
– New RITMO Patented assisted system to open/close/lift clamps-heater-facer
– Fast-locking system which allows to place and remove inserts in seconds
– Easy Life welding system
– GPS traceability
– Data-logging included
– Memory up to 4000 joint reports – downloadable straight into a PDF file
– USB port for firmware upgrade
– Intuitive control panel and large graphic display
– Machine body and on-board generator easily removable for working in tight spaces
– Machine can be powered using 230 V Three phase 50/60 Hz
– Wheeled chassis designed to be lifted using a forklift
– Two lateral rollers that can be operated by a cordless drill
– On-board electric facer that is equipped with a safety microswitch
– On-board generator removable for independent use

For more information, contact us, (08) 9303 2164 or

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Ritmo TURBO pipe scrapers

Scraping HDPE pipe prior to electrofusion welding can be a tedious process, especially if you have a lot of welds to do. Small bore pipe (20-63mm) tends not to be covered by the rotary scrapers, which is why Ritmo designed and patented the TURBO scraper.

It fits on to the end of your cordless drill, and is capable of both scraping the pipe to be inserted into the fitting, and also squaring the end of the pipe to ensure even insertion into your coupler. Fast, simple, excellent results. Great Italian design.

Available from Polyweld Machinery. Call us on (08) 9303 2164 or find out more here.